Monday, May 13, 2013

Here are Your Instructions

Tomorrow, May 14, is the official pub date for The Cydonian Pyramid, Book 2 in the Klaatu Diskos trilogy. So, I'm supposed to get the word out. Here are your instructions:

1. If you have not read The Obsidian Blade, the first book in the trilogy, do so at once. If you attempt to read Book 2 without first having read Book 1, you may damage your brain. The author cannot be responsible for breaking your brain.

2. If you live in or near St. Paul, Minnesota, please come to my launch party at The Red Balloon Bookshop this Friday, May 17, at 7:00 p.m. This is a good thing to do because you will be supporting your local bookseller, and you will make me feel less alone in this cold, cruel, unforgiving universe.

3. If you can't make it to the Red Balloon, visit the bookstore nearest you and look for The Cydonian Pyramid in the "Young Adult" section. Or maybe they shelve it in Science Fiction. If your bookstore does not have my book in stock, please feel free to throw a tantrum. 

4. If you cannot bear to leave your home (like me, on bad days), feel free to order the book online. Here are some links:

Barnes & Noble

I can't find it on Sony or Google Books (throwing tantrum now), but I'm sure it'll get there soon.

5. If, like me, you read too many books and cannot afford to own them all, check out The Cydonian Pyramid from your library. But it will take a week or two for them to receive the book and get it into their system. You might want to add your name to the waiting list.

6. If you are still iffy about reading this book, you can read sample chapters on Amazon, B&N, etc.

That is all. Thank you for your attention. You can go now.

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