Sunday, October 21, 2012

What I Do

During my Skype visits with teens this month, many of the questions that keep cropping up have to do with physical process, as in, "What do you do? Do you write every day? Do you write in the morning or at night? Do you write in a notebook by hand, or on a computer?"

I write most days. I write at various times of day, but mostly in the morning. I usually write on a Macintosh, using Microsoft Word. This is what my screen looks like when I am writing:
Click for bigger.
I'm currently working on the third book in The Klaatu Diskos, a time-travel trilogy. That's the outline on the left, color coded for different time periods. On the right side is the timeline.  The working manuscript is in the center. I am now on the third revision of the novel. Once I finish this revision, I hope to submit it to my editor, who will no doubt ask me to revise it again.

This is my life. I love it.

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