Saturday, March 12, 2011

"Certain Time-Traveling Cybernetic Organisms"

I've mentioned before that I often make crude little sketches for visualization purposes.  The SF trilogy I'm now working on, The Klaatu Diskos, features certain time-traveling cybernetic organisms known as "maggots." Here's a preview.

Speaking of visual aids, here's one for those of you who live in the snowless south: a shot of Mary standing in front of the snow pile across the street from us, in the church parking lot.

We are taking bets on when it will completely melt.  My guess is April 16th. Which is also the date of the Minnesota Book Awards.  Blank Confession is one of the finalists.  I have some tough competition, though:


Amy Hautman said...

Did you get the inspiration for the maggot design from Mary's jacket?

I love the jacket, but ...just couldn't help seeing it.

Pete Hautman said...

Yes, everything is connected to everything else. In fact, that's the premise of the book...