Monday, October 8, 2018

Cover reveal: ROAD TRIPPED

So, I wrote another YA novel.

This one is about death and grief and depression and fun stuff like that. It's about a boy and a car and Star Wars figurines and Wonder Woman and modern art and wisdom found in peculiar places. It's funny and dark and (I always say this) different from all my other books.

The Road Tripped cover is the sort of cover I usually hate, except I don't hate this one. I love it.

The sort of covers I hate are the ones with a clutter of scenes from the book—as if the designers had no ideas, so they just crammed in whatever they could. Usually such book covers are confusing and ugly

This one is not. This is a very cool design: retro but modern, garish but elegant, noisy but composed. Did I mention I love it?

The wraparound spread is fantastic. Click for bigger.

I can tell the illustrator (Studio Muti / Folio Art) really did read the book, and put a lot of thought into his/her/their choices. I can see the research behind the illustrations. They are true to the real places and fictional events they represent, but also quirky and fun—which I believe represents the book well.

Road Tripped will be coming out next May, just in time for reading while on a summer road trip.

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