Saturday, April 5, 2014

Last Wednesday I had a great day at Montgomery Academy in Montgomery, Alabama, one of the nicest schools I've ever visited. It was eighty lovely degrees outside—to a Minnesota boy, heaven. Also, those Alabamans know a thing or two about making sausage. If I'd had time, I would have filled my suitcase with those wonderfully fatty, tasty links.

Alas, I arrived home sausageless to this. I was not happy, and neither was Gaston, our seven pound poodle.

But I did have many pleasant memories of Montgomery, not least of which were the nicely designed posters that were hanging all over the school. Here's a picture of me and the design team.

Next, a shot of me looking through a magic disko that makes my head look small.

And a selfie with librarians Brooke Wilkins and Carolyn Pyper, who made my visit both pleasant and productive. Thanks guys! As Perez Hilton would say, you are amazeballs. (I don't know why she says that, and I'm embarrassed that I even know such a stupid word, but there ya go.)

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