Tuesday, April 9, 2013

This is Huge!

Sit down. Hold on tight. Breathe deeply. Are you ready? The Obsidian Blade is out in paperback today. Squeeeeeee!!!!

Okay, maybe not such a huge deal, but a slightly better deal than the hardcover, at least on a cost-per-word basis.

I am sitting in my office avoiding writing and watching the snow fall. NOAA says we have about six inches coming. On a day like this, I must search hard for things to celebrate. In addition to the paperback release of The Obsidian Blade, I have found:

• The final chapter of John Scalzi's serial novel, The Human Division, is now available for download.

• Spare ribs are on sale for $1.49 a pound at Cub Foods.

• The ramps I planted in my backyard are poking up through the snow.

• Bill Clinton is on Twitter (sort of).

Not bad for a snowy Tuesday in April!

Yes, as of today you can enter the world of the Klaatu Diskos for only $8.99. And what's that peeking out from behind? The Cydonian Pyramid, my first author's copy! Available in stores May 14th.

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