Monday, March 11, 2013

Intermezzo: Why I’m Writing About Pippi and Her Ilk.

Mostly, I just wanted to use the work “ilk” again. The other reason is that I’ve finished writing the “Klaatu Diskos” trilogy, and I’ve been thinking about its literary antecedents. In other words, who I stole from, what I took, and why.

The list is prodigious. I grabbed everything that wasn’t nailed down, and used a pry bar to free the rest. One day soon in a burst of hubris and idiocy, I’ll post the full monty. But for now, I’m thinking just about the character Lah Lia, or Lahlia, who dominates the action in Book 2, The Cydonian Pyramid.
Lah Lia is a small, tough, unstoppable young woman who has been cast loose in time, and woe to those who dare stand in her way. As I was writing the book I kept thinking about what she has in common with my other teen girl characters, and the ways she is different, and why such characters hold such power for me.

A lot of it, I decided, has to do with books (and movies and TV shows) I enjoyed as a child, a disproportionate number of which featured Ass-Kicking Girls. This week I’m going to write about a few of those books, and about some other iconic AKGs.

Yes, we will eventually arrive at Buffy the Vampire Slayer. But first, I’ll be going back in time to Sunnybrook Farm. Stay tuned.

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