Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Book News: Mary Logue

The multi-talented and otherwise splendiferous Mary Logue (yes, my Mary Logue) has two new books out this fall.

For many years, I listened to Mary talk about an idea she had for a children’s picture book: the story of a little girl who is not sleepy, and of the kind, patient, and wise parents who coax her into bed. After many starts and stops, the story came together.

Told in economical and graceful prose, Sleep Like a Tiger is sweetly and stunningly illustrated by Pamela Zagarenski. It is one of those children’s books that can be read again and again, with each reading revealing something new.

Here is a spread from the book:

And a detail from that spread:

And a detail of the detail:

Mary’s other fall book, written under the nom de plume Mary Lou Kirwin, is quite different. Killer Librarian (available November 27th) is a mystery featuring the delightful Karen Nash, a librarian who is dumped by her boyfriend on the eve of their planned trip to London. Karen decides to go to London by herself, and discovers to her horror that her ex is on the plane as well—with his new honey. Murderous thoughts ensue, with surprising results. A must late-night respite for those who have just read Sleep Like a Tiger to their three-year-old for the umpteenth time.




Jean Ernst said...

You already know I love SLEEP LIKE A TIGER and now I've reserved KILLER LIBRARIAN at the library. Good for Mary and thanks for posting about her new adult title.
Jean Ernst

Anonymous said...

Bravo, Mary! Can't wait to read them both...and I know for sure Sleep Like A Tiger will be a fan favorite in our house!

SONNIE said...

I don't usually read non fiction books MARY your book will be the first in years and years. But both books sound very intriguing.

Melinda R. Cordell said...

This is some crazy awesomeness -- saw the NYBR mention of "Tiger," which I liked very much.