Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Blade, Boys...Crunch

My final bookstore event of the season (and possibly the year) will be this Friday, May 11, 7:00 p.m., at The Red Balloon. I'll be doing a short reading (not sure from what yet), a Q&A, a book-signing, a cookie-eating, and a wine-drinking.

The Red Balloon Bookshop is located on Grand Avenue in St. Paul.* They have a fabulous selection of books for young readers, and a smattering of adult titles as well. Events are always well-attended, by which I mean, All Your Cool Friends Will Be There. Please come if you can! The author will only be reading and talking for a few minutes, then you get to hang out with your friends and wash down your cookies with some first class literary plonk.

The featured books will be my new sci-fi novel, THE OBSIDIAN BLADE, and my almost new romantic comedy, WHAT BOYS REALLY WANT.

We will also have copies of THE BIG CRUNCH, winner of the Los Angeles Times Book Prize for YA Literature.

*The Red Balloon is one of many good reasons for book lovers to love St. Paul. While the number of bookstores has been declining nationwide, the doughty booksellers of St. Paul have been busy. Just down the street and around the corner from the Red Balloon, Garrison Keillor's Common Good Books has moved into a new and larger space across from Macalester College, and their old space will soon be hosting a new bookstore under new ownership. Last night, at Common Good Books, I had the pleasure of hearing Julie Schumacher read from her new (and very funny) YA novel, THE UNBEARABLE BOOK CLUB FOR UNSINKABLE GIRLS. I bet they'll have copies of that at Red Balloon too! Also, I heard a rumor that Julie herself might be on hand to crash my party. I hope so!

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