Thursday, January 19, 2012

No Limit and Mr. Was: the Corrected Editions

My two YA books about poker player Denn Doyle have been reissued with new covers. I'm very happy about this because every copy of the previous edition of No Limit was missing three pages! The cover designs are quite different from my other books. I wanted them to put a warrior goddess battling dragons and zombies on the cover, but that's why I'm not doing graphic design anymore.

Mr. Was has also been repackaged in a (slightly) revised edition. I think I changed about five or six lines of text to correct some time-travel-related anachronisms (an oxymoron, I believe). I'm pleased that the new edition is coming out now, because Mr. Was is the precursor (not prequel!) to The Obsidian Blade (check out the video!), which will be arriving in April.

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