Saturday, April 23, 2011

I Like This

This nice little graphic summarizes the first part of THE BIG CRUNCH.  I plucked it from  You can order it from them as a signed, 11x14 print for twenty bucks.

I love the idea of super-brief graphic condensations of novels.  My favorite is Lucy Kinsley's version of The Twilight Saga. There is something so good-hearted about the way she pokes fun at a series that she loved enough to read in its entirety.

Have a lovely Easter!


BookSnob said...

Hey, I stayed up all night reading The Big Crunch (don't tell my Mom, though), and I just want to say, it was amazing. The world needs more stories like that. You know, without domestic abuse, vampires or Nicholas Sparks endings. Bravo, Mr. Hautman.

Pete Hautman said...

You just made my day.