Friday, August 20, 2010

The Egg and I

I am delighted to report that my fifteen seconds of internet fame have nearly expired. My part in the Humble, Texas affair is mostly over, and I hereby return this blog to its weirdly eclectic mix of food, mushrooms, writing, and other distantly-related topics.

Many years ago, when I was in my twenties, a friend of mine told me he was looking for a mentor—an older, more experienced man who would help him in his career and in other aspects of his life. I asked him how he planned to find such a person.

He said, “It’s easy. These old dudes, when they get into their fifties and sixties, they realize that they have learned a lot of stuff over the years, and that they might be dead soon. It’s like a biological imperative—they don’t want their knowledge to die with them, so they look for a younger guy to share it with.”

I thought that was an odd way to look at it. But now that I am well into my fifties, I find myself experiencing that urge to share. Therefore, tomorrow, I am going to tell everyone who visits this blog how to properly poach a freaking egg. Stay tuned!

Speaking of eggs, Part One of my “Blank Confession” video will be posted here very soon—I'm aiming for a week from Monday.


Valerie said...

that's the most perfectly poached egg i've ever seen!

Katherine Grace Bond said...

That is, indeed a beautiful egg.

Pete I've just spent way too much time reading your website (it was only too much time because I should be working on our upcoming writing camp). It's one of the few author websites that make me laugh until I cry. (I miss the extended reticulated elf weasel page, though.)

I use GODLESS in my writing classes and reading your site again has me set to go out and stock up on your other titles.

Pete Hautman said...

Thanks, Katherine! The elf weasel is still on my site - there's a link on the FAQs page. As for you bringing a Christian-oriented book into a school, Why not? As long as everybody gets to play...

Katherine Grace Bond said...

Well, that's what I think. As it was, I sort of slunk away. It was several years ago. Not sure if I'd handle it the same now. But also not sure if I'd accept the invite in the first place.