Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The HOW TO STEAL A CAR Video Contest Deadline...

...has come and gone, and we have two fabulous last-minute entries.
This video, from angel51654, features the philosophical reflections of a happy looking car thief being manipulated by a disembodied blue arm.
Nice job, angel!
The second entry, from subhantopsy, is an energetic and funny review that reminds me a little bit of John Green's video posts.
Alas, Subhan is an honest-to-a-fault fellow who gives How to Steal a Car a rating of only 7.5. Subhan, don't you know that you're supposed to suck up to the contest judge? Just kidding. I love it.
I am going to ponder these two Academy Award worthy efforts for a few days before choosing the first prize (a complete set of ten signed YA books) winner. Meanwhile, the battle for second prize continues - whichever contestant gets the most views on YouTube by the end of this month will win a $50 gift certificate to a bookstore. Good luck, guys!


Unknown said...

Angel, I like honest puppetry and you did make me laugh... but Subhan. I'm not sure *what* sort of genius you will finally be, but you are some sort of genius.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Blythe! Thanks for that comment, made me feel warm inside, (maybe cause i ate spicy food...) anyways i like your Stuffed Dora Angel, funny! and Pete... haha you are hands down my favorite author and i hate giving your newest book a 7.5 IF the video was for promotional reasons, if NOT, then i stand by my rating, and trust me i am pretty harsh, that's what my sisters tell me, plus i made James Cameron cry after i told him how he did on Avatar... PS. i LOVE john green(you can tell, i accidentally had his book in there!) as well and he was one of my inspirations for doing the book review like this

Wild About Words said...

These are great! Two very creative efforts. And Subhan was so, ahem, honest . . . and hilarious.
Thanks for encouraging budding film makers to, um, steal cars.
Love your books!