Monday, December 8, 2008

New Website

For the past five days, while attempting to master Dreamweaver CS4 (Adobe's web design program), I have been employing every profane, obscene, vulgar expression I know--which is a lot of expressions.  The dogs slink past my door giving me these mournful, accusatory looks. Mary has been keeping her office door closed.  The cursing and stomping and shrieking amused her at first, but after a few hours she'd had enough.  Can't say I blame her.
CS4 is way too fussy and complex for my impatient self.  I may as well have used a John Deere combine to mow my lawn.  
Anyway, it's over.  I just uploaded my new website to Earthlink's server.  It's sort of simple and crude, and I'm sure there are lots of bad links and pages that won't load and so forth.  If you find a problem, please let me know and I'll try to fix it.


Anonymous said...

Getting a decent grasp on some photoshop would help a lot. It'll help you pretty up your site and have a much more natural understanding of this whole web design world. (I recommend downloading the trial and a cd key generator)

Pete Hautman said...

Thank you, Horus. I had a "decent grasp" of Photoshop fifteen years ago, in my former life as a graphic designer, an occupation which brought me little joy. I now revel in not caring (much) about how things look, while caring a great deal about content of the non-visual variety.

Anonymous said...

Tisk tisk.

Your wonderful style deserves more. It's a shame to see it visually neglected.