Sunday, March 7, 2010


Usually I know the title of a book long before I finish it, but sometimes my publisher thinks my original title sucks, and asks me to change it. This is somewhat like if you raised a kid and, the day before he is supposed to go to kindergarten, the school calls and says, "What were you thinking when you named your kid 'Irving?' We think if he were named 'Tyler' he would have a better chance of making it into the first grade." And you say to yourself, "Hmm. Irving is a sucky name, but me and Irving...well, we've kinda gotten used to it..."
Okay, so I wrote this book. It's a love story, and as I've mentioned before, it's a love story in which nothing happens - meaning there are no vampires, ghosts, deaths, guns, dragons, etc. I'm not going to reveal the rejected (sucky) title, but if you happen to have a Really Great Title laying around that you have no use for, please let me know. If I use it, I will send you either $10,000 or a free copy of the book and a mention in the acknowledgements (my choice). To get you started, here's a word cloud from the first two chapters:
(word cloud made at


Anonymous said...

New Naomi
Boy Wes
(male main character's name)'s Stand
Funny Face
Quite Lovely
Love, or Else
Sex vs. Love
Love vs. Sex
Lovingly Crushed
Think (Name of a character) Think!
Two much
Girls lol at Boys
Sitting Love
Love Sitting
Love (doing something!)

Above is just a list of titles my brain threw up, ummm it's me again, Subhan! Hope you like them!

Anonymous said...

A sardonic story about a boy and a girl

Boy and Girl= love

Its Kierstin enjoy lol

truewonder said...

Lacking In Sheen

Brilliance Need Not Apply

The Lackluster of Nothingness

Two For Love, One For Show

One Thing Never Already...

sorry, but this is how my mind works...several months late and often murky.
Fun to think about though, take care-

Pete Hautman said...

Thank you, True! I like "The Lackluster of Nothingness." Too late, though - the title is now official: THE BIG CRUNCH. It will be coming out in January.