Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Angry Girls

I just got an advance look at a review of The Forgetting Machine from School Library Journal. I can’t post it here yet because it won’t appear in SLJ until next month, but I will share my favorite line:

“It’s refreshing to see a young female character express anger and not apologize for it.”

Why does that line please me so? Because all too often in reviews of my books, my female characters have been criticized for being “too angry,” or “not nice,” or “not likeable,” even though if I gender-flipped the character and had them do and say essentially the same things as males, those complaints would disappear. But I keep writing about angry girls because, well, girls get pissed off too. And, frankly, I like them that way.

Female Dragon Making a Point

I'll be posting the SLJ review and others in a couple weeks. 

Pub date for The Forgetting Machine is September 20. There will be some sort of party/signing in late September or early October. Details to come.

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