Saturday, June 8, 2013

"Apocrypha," not "Apocalypta!"

Last winter I spent about two months emailing back and forth with librarian and author Joel Shoemaker. Joel is an exceptionally entertaining guy to correspond with, and since the main topic of our emails was my books, I was doubly fascinated. Joel had undertaken the task of reading all of my YA novels, several of my adult works, and a book that featured my three wildlife artist brothers. That's a lot of books!

Our extensive interview, in the end, totaled nearly 15,000 words. Joel managed to cut it back by ninety percent, and the result is now appearing in the June issue of VOYA, a leading library journal dedicated to the promotion of young adult literature and reading.

You can access the article here. The interview begins on page 14.

The article's subtitle, BTW, is one of Joel's little jokes—he noticed in The Cydonian Pyramid I make reference to the "Apocalypta of Adrian the Sinner." The word I had intended to type was "apocrypha." Author fail. Copyeditor fail. It happens. We will fix it in the paperback edition.

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