Friday, March 1, 2013

Spring is Coming

I haven’t been posting much lately because I’ve been finishing up some writing projects that have been a long time cooking. Specifically, in the past six weeks, I’ve completed and polished the Klaatu Diskos trilogy, a project I began back in 2001. I also finished my “Montana cult story,” a book I started back in 2002, and a middle-grade “robot comedy,” begun in 2006. More on the latter two when they are properly placed and titled.

The other reason I haven’t been posting much is that every time I found myself with something to say, it is of the cranky, bitchy, curmudgeonly variety, and I am not ready (yet) to enter full-blown curmudgeonhood. Curmudgeons (Andy Rooney serving as a paragon) can be amusing for a time, but they soon become tiresome. Maurice Sendak did it well, but that was because he waited until his last few years to unleash the full force of his curmudgeonality, and he did it brilliantly. Therefore, I plan to defer membership in the Curmudgeon Guild for another ten years, minimum.

Speaking of George R. R. Martin, one-third of the way through A Dance with Dragons I stopped reading. I no longer cared that winter was coming, or who might die next, or whether GRRM would live long enough to bring the series to a close. I threw the book away, and it felt great.  

And so, for today, let me note that it is March, and spring is coming, and I am preparing to roast a leg of lamb, and the dog is curled up in his bed, and coffee is good, and in six weeks I’ll be picking wild leeks, and in eight weeks I’ll be crawling through coulees searching for morels, and in ten weeks The Cydonian Pyramid will be published.
So there.


Philip Heckman said...


The best response to being accused of curmudgeon-ness: "What a load of crap!"


Cathy Wilcox said...
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